Thursday, 12 January 2017

Functioning runner-holic

Yes that's right, this is my first meeting, my name is Chris and I am a functioning runnerholic. Ok just indulge me with this for just a minute.

Do any of these situations ring a bell?

1) You have meetings back to back all day long with people wanting to schedule more in but you flatly refuse as you need to get your run done at lunch.

2) You have a dinner to go to straight from work but somehow manage to cram a flat chat 8km run in followed by a 20sec shower just because you won't enjoy the dinner as much if you don't.

3) You are in Bora Bora in an over water bungalow watching the sunrise and sipping tea but somehow all you can think of is "I wonder where the hell I am going to run today" instead.

4) Kids are screaming, it's pouring down outside, the day is wearing on and you are starting to sweat with anxiety because you see your small window of running opportunity getting even smaller.

5) You have the whole day to yourself at home on the couch with absolutely nothing to do and no one to be there for. But wait - who am I going to run with, how far, what pace, is that a niggle, no it's fine I'll just start jogging, yep best get out there right now - and so it goes on.

To use star wars as an analogy, I see running as an example of THE FORCE. When the force is running strongly through me, I can hit all my weekly mileage targets, nail the sessions, eat well, drink less and generally feel great. The dark side of the force presents in the form of junk food, alcohol, holidays, Christmas functions, birthdays, weddings, work commitments, family commitments and basically everything else in life that doesn't involve running really. (well maybe except for one thing)

So as you sit here reading this and no doubt relating to some of it, spare a thought for those that are injured at the moment and can't run. You're lucky if you can physically get out there so if it dominates your daily thoughts right up until that moment you're actually out there running, I say that's a good thing - go with it.

See further down for some funny obsessed running pics.

My last week or so has been pretty good training wise. Even managed to knock 5secs off my Kamay park run record. Still a little slow for what I am after but that last km bites.

Last week finished off at 127km for the week.

Wed 4th: 16km
Thur 5th: AM: 14km with 6km of hilly tempo in Queens Park.    PM: 6km easy
Fri 6th: 13km in the park
Sat 7th: Kamay Park run - 16:26. Splits were 3.08, 6.20, 9.38, 13.02, 16.26. Gotta work on that strength to close it out from 3km. Total 13km. PM: 7km slow coast
Sun 8th: 27km with the Striders which was a good change. Timmy, Jac, Eoin, Charlie L, Rendog plus Chris Jackson and Keith Hong made for a great 6.30am group. We still got lost along the way but the pace was easy and we finished with a dip in the harbour.
127km total

This week I have been office bound so far so it has been hard to get out for the mileage needed. Yep I can hear you all laughing at me with this.

Mon 9th: AM: 10km slow  PM: 7km even slower
Tue 10th: 7km CP tempo - felt great and ran this multi loop (with 600m hill) course in 24mins (3.25 average). Total 13km
Wed 11th: AM: easy 7km (legs sore), PM: 6km (ran out of time)
Thur 12th: 14km with a pyramid on a grass 400m oval: 1 lap, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1 lap = 16 laps in total. Averaged approx. 75 - 77secs per lap for all efforts with the last 400m in 71secs. Pretty stuffed afterwards.
Only 57km so far this week and it's a heatwave so perhaps 110km will be on the cards instead of 130.

In other news, Rejoov runners is starting to sign up some big names for the 2017 ANSW season. Stay tuned for more announcements but if you are interested in switching from another club or having a go at these type of events, let me know.

Here's a few pics / grabs relating to my above stated running affliction.

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