Thursday, 5 January 2017

I wonder what's behind door number 2017

As quickly as 2016 left us, 2017 arrived in style. Greta, Jaden and I were lucky enough to be invited to a house party in Vaucluse with uninterrupted views of the 9pm and midnight fireworks. Jaden was last man standing as he bounced around the couches (Tom Cruise style) in the first few minutes of the new year. I wish I had his energy (we did pay for it the next day of course).

So my first post is to talk goals, resolutions, and the blog.

Here's a little list I just whipped up whilst out running a slow 6km along the coast.

* Run every day of the year until Tom takes a day off first
* Beat Barts in every single game of Table tennis I play him at
* Find something Quentin is no good at - then beat him at it
* Balance the scales a bit by introducing Hoey to the wonderful world of beer
* Take up Yoga (carry that one over from last year)
* Write a book on anything
* Run sub 3hrs in the Bordeaux marathon whilst stopping at all 23 "drink" stops
* Get my Bronze medallion (does this involve swimming?)
* Keep up my 22yr sub 50min streak and place top 30 again in the City to Surf
* Nail another Red Centre run camp at Easter
* Not get kicked off the HuRTs what's app chat more times than Craig Wiseman

Anyway that's enough to start. Yep a few tough ones in there. Who knows if Barts is already in training to quash that one. And based on historical posts, Craig really will make it easy for me to score a point with that last one. With regards to the whole yoga thing, I think I'll You Tube an intro yoga clip and that will get me going. I actually stretched yesterday and my legs felt pretty good today. Fancy that.

I know the plan last year was to drink less so let's address this one. So far this year the drinks days and run days are on even keel 5-5. BUT in my own defence the amount is coming down (drinks not mileage). A cheeky beer here, a glass of wine there. It helps me sit and contemplate the world around me, absorb Jaden's energy levels and think about what to write in my blog each week so on that, I am looking in part, to add in a regular CT'S OBSERVATIONS & OPINIONS segment.

Seinfeld nailed it. We know this. His observations are forever priceless and I could never hope to replicate but I do notice a lot with people, their behaviour and just general situations that pretty much amuse, fascinate or annoy the hell out of me.

Take for instance: Space Wars (angry emoji, frustrated emoji)

It happens on the footpath in Centennial Park, even now inside the white fence. It happens walking down the street in the CBD, the supermarket and so on. People as a collective are absolutely oblivious when it comes to their spacial surroundings. You may notice it when 2 people exit a shop or bus side by side and somehow manage to get the radius of area covered vs the speed of that slow moving mass just perfect enough to completely piss me off as I am blocked from passing. Or on an escalator when the whole stretch has moved left bar one bleep bleep bleep. Now it's probably at this point where you're saying to yourself, CT sounds like an angry man. Actually not really. Brought up on a mixture of courtesy, awareness and being polite, all I want really is for everyone to just get out of my way wherever possible. And let's not even start with driving. Another day.  

I have long noticed an assumed hierarchy of allowing space for oncoming people / obstacles in the park. It would seem that he or she that is moving the slowest does not need to give way at all. Take the local mafia brigades for example. Three to four  60+ yr old men lined up across the path walking along at 6am in the morning no doubt discussing how their fruit shop is outperforming the others. No inkling of moving over to the left unless you call them on it. My go to manoeuvre is to simply stop infront of the one farthest to my left and politely ask "so what do we do now?" This usually creates the right amount of awkwardness and they dutifully move to the left.

So the walker seems to think they have right of way to the jogger / the jogger thinks they have right of way to the speedy runner / and on the occasion the speedy runner thinks they have right of way to the cyclist and so on up to the cars / the event trucks and I suppose the rangers!

But then so enters the meandering, defecating horse. This strange creature refuses to be bound by any of the above mentioned made up rules. They will slowly cross whatever road they wish, crap anywhere Birchy or Enda have run over and simply take all the time in the world getting around in THEIR park. They do not yell out at the top of their voices "HORSES RIGHT" & "OVER" nor do they pull in for a latte after a few jumps in the equestrian field. These troopers don't change allegiances with each new season, complain about ITB issues or need $10k worth of gear to do their 4km lap of the park. They surely are the rightful owners of the Centennial Park Space Race.

So the moral of the story if you have in fact made it this far (thx Tom - knew I could count on you).

I am here to endorse but in no way enforce, a CP spacial code for all.
No matter your source, or your strong willed force,
Despite any remorse or impending divorce,
We all in due-course will give way to the horse.

Yes yes yes I know. It's a weird start to the 2017 blog campaign but what the hell. I'm on the Pinot Gris with a few days left of annual leave so having some fun.

I would be interested if I have missed the mark or you are keen to see this blog continue along these lines in the year to come.

Oh and for those actually interested in my week so far:

Mon 2nd Jan: 20km across 2 runs easy
Tue 3rd: 3 x 2km reps up in Woy Woy. Hard going myself and especially with 2 of them into the wind but as follows: 6:30 into the wind, 6:28 with the wind, 6:48 into the wind. Yep wheels on the bus fell off there. Total 11km.
Wed 4th: 16km steady in the park (hot and humid for a change)
Thur 5th: Rejoov 4pines fartlek. Yep I wish - sponsored session by a brewery but alas no - we simply ran around a loop in Queens Park that encompassed 4 pine trees. Took it a bit easier just bolting the hill each lap. Big race this Sat coming up. PM: 6km easy coast run

PS: Happy birthday Desi. Bounced back from her cancer defeat in spectacular style and looking as amazing as the first day I met her (circa 1992). Good running this morning matey.


Disclaimer: if you are at all offended by anything written above, please proceed directly to the nearest Dan Murphy's and buy whatever you can fit into one of those small trolleys they give you. Then wheel it down to the local park and use said items to take a serious look at yourself.

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