Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tom Highnam prevails

It appears as though I have forgotten something. I woke up on Monday morning at 4am in a sweat trying to work out if I had run the previous Friday. I went to the little blackboard that technically displays my daily runs and nothing was showing. I dug deep into the memory banks and ran through the week that was.

Cycling cycling and more cycling on Friday morning - a full 30km worth with hills and I knew I would be stuffed for the Sat session. Then work, dropping a colleague at the airport and finally entering the house boldly announcing - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO that I would not be running as I needed a rest.

All I can say is thank god Tom & I didn't have an official bet on this year.

So there goes one of my new year's resolutions. Still got time to write a book I suppose. Probably more achievable these days than running everyday of the year. Well done Tom. Your first streak win!

Quick one today as I have nothing really to complain about besides people trying to upsell me on anything and everything I call them about. "what? You want to cancel your drama package on Foxtel? Ok so what else do you like watching because we have a special on the foreign porn channel right now." "no thanks just downgrade me." "How bout showcase?" How about I cancel the whole damn thing and keep watching Netflix which is much better value?" "ok sir no problem, I'll just go ahead and change that for you."

Then there's the whole shared data thing with Optus. We seem to be saving whilst spending oh so much more - where's the logic there. Bloody Jaden and his addiction to Netflix. Yep -  ironic considering my last point.

Ordering a pizza, getting your car washed and so it goes on.

Luckily there are some things they haven't decided to use this propensity to upsell on. A few examples such as:

"just an adult and child for the pool please" "oh ok, will you be using the 25m pool today because we have a special on the 50m pool and diving tower if you want to upgrade."

"I'd like to enter the half marathon please" "I tell you what, for an extra $10 I'll just go ahead and slot you into the 100km trail event. How's that sound? Bargain yeah?"

If only. Speaking of trails - I have entered the Knapsack 3hr solo run for Aust Day which sees us looping 5km trail laps for as many as we can over the course of 3hrs. Get to the finish at 2:59, you are allowed to head out for another lap. I have no chance of getting near Dave Byrne's record of 9 laps in 3:10 or there abouts but it should be fun with a crew of HuRTs up there competing also.

The end of last week looked like this:

Wed 11th: 13km easy (hot)
Thur 12th: 14km - 400m lap pyramid 1/2/3/4/3/2/1 lappers. Tough but averaged 75secs per lap on most.
Fri 13th: F#@K
Sat 14th: 13km Monna F. Very humid and steamy. Legs stuffed from the cycle. Rolled around as fast as I could but struggled the last 5mins to record 5.75km for the 20mins.
Sun 15th: Much better and stronger long run - 30km Striders ten bridges StAR with Timmy, Eoin, Renaud and a few others which made for a great pack. I counted at least 14-15 bridges so not sure what's going on there. Timmy fighting fatigue in the back half but managed to finish it off. Rendog and Eoin cutting short again but seemingly still happy with themselves despite this.

Total for the week - 100km on the knocker.

This week so far:

Mon 16th: 15km Manly and surrounds in the cool breeze (sort of)
Tue: 17th: 12km - 7.8km tempo including Loch Ave hill in the park (that long hill that goes up to the moonlight cinema). Hot and muggy again and having to slow / stop briefly to let the damn cyclists past. Managed an average still of just over 3:30 for this. Special mention to Enda who got his 4 x 4km mara tempo done in those conditions. Should keep him in good stead for the expected 5deg Tokyo weather ha!

Till next time:


Fun afternoon on Sunday BBQíng and tasting the delights of Wayward brewery in Camperdown with my brother Rob and his wife Myf.

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  1. Bloody hell mate, you could have posted this sooner so that I could have avoided 10km this morning on the treadmill with a steaming hangover after a night out in Lan Kwai Fong..