Monday, 5 December 2016

Summer is here already

And boy is it warming up. The HuRTs sets are hot but I am trying to turn up as much as possible. Good for the motivation slump to at least put in for the hard sessions. My mileage is still hovering around 80km so another thing I am now finding I have to watch is my weight. All the eating and drinking I can do on 130km per week starts to show on just 80km. Hoping to increase the mileage soon.

I missed out on the Berlin marathon lottery so will try for the first charity spots this Wednesday. Failing that, it's over to using a travel company or just not doing it. But seeing Neil having just run 2:28 yesterday has provided hope that I can still run low 2:30's if not under.

Short post this week. Not a lot to report.

Mon 28th Nov: 12km easy Cent Park.
Tue 29th: Hurts 3/2/1 fartlek session. 45mins continuous of 3min(1min), 2min(1min), 1min(1min) cycles. Managed to go through 10km in almost a minute quicker than the race 2 days ago. So obviously I was not in great condition Sunday morning. 12.7km for the 45mins with Darren Moyle and Nick Roberts most of the way. Tota; 16km
Wed 30th: 13km across 2 runs (both slow with clients)
Thur Dec 1st: Hurts 3 x 2km set at Barangaroo. Warmed up well, stretched and even did strides to pump myself up for this. I wanted 3 reps at 6:20 or better if possible. Off the mark I bolted a little too fast - going through 1km in 3:05 before settling down a bit and running 6:16. 2mins recovery and off again. This time with Darren and Kevin Batt with me. Kev is a sub 14min 5000m runner so any pace any of us could muster up would still be a tempo for him so I just put him to good use and he blocked the wind for me. 6:21 back to the overseas passenger terminal. Feeling it now already. 3rd rep, Barts decided to switch on and with Darren, myself and new guy Darion, we went through in around 3:10 before my legs started fatiguing. I surged and got back on once but Kev was also finishing it off strongly. I faded but still managed 6:26 which wasn't a disaster. Total 13km.
Fri 2nd: 8km marking out the Sat rejoov cross country loop session.
Sat 3rd: 4km just marking out the session etc. I had Jaden so I couldn't run which felt surprisingly okay. This onset of apathy needs to be addressed I feel. Greta on the other hand raced well at the Curl Curl 3 points race coming 2nd in her age and 7th overall. She also be Adrian McGarvar (sorry Mac, couldn't help myself there)
Sun 4th: 20km with the Eastside Hurts guys before rushing off to drop Jaden & Greta to the airport for their week in the Alice.
Total for the week. 86km

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