Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Nov 14th - 27th update

Another 2 weeks (and a bit) have flown by and a kick up the arse today by Tom to update my blog. Post JP Morgan, not much has happened really. Some HuRTs sessions, a lot of downtime from running (less mileage), the HuRTs awards night and our running camp at the Entrance.

Mon 14th: 10km in 37deg temps along Scarborough Beach Perth - 4min pace. Felt ok but felt a lot better jumping in the ocean afterwards.
Tue 15th: 14km across 2 runs again beachside in Perth. 2nd run involved a 5km tempo (17mins)
Wed 16th: 20km around Kings Park, Swan river foreshore. 90mins
Thur 17th: 6km early morning run before flight home. Straight to the HuRTs awards night and took out the first man standing award. Certainly wasn't going to win last man standing. Fun night with a big cheerio send off when it was time to pull up stumps.

Fri 18th: 7km easy CPark
Sat 19th: 11km incl 7km tempo (with hill) in CP.
Sun 20th: 28km with the Manly Hardcore. Barts, Tom, Erika, Darren, Justin, Toby and even Jerome joined the darkside. Fantastic again to jump in the ocean afterwards then tuck into an Emporio B&E roll.
Total for the week: 96km

Mon 21st: 12km easy Cpark
Tue 22nd: 12km HuRTs session - 1 x 20mins (10/10 progressive), 1 x 10mins. Guts feeling crook so had to pull up short. Finding it hard to get a full session out right now.
Wed 23rd: 15km very easy Cpark
Thur 24th: 11km with 6 x 400m reps on McKay Oval, half of which has bindies. cut my feet up a bit for a few days. Managed 70secs for most of the 6 reps.
Fri 25th: 8km at The Entrance with Beck Munro. Everyone else stuck in traffic so just the 2 of us for the first session of our camp.
Sat 26th: No run - 30km cycle around The Enrance / Mingara. Legs felt ok on the bike. Actually quite enjoyed this session. Followed by a beach swim session including some pretty big waves.
Sun 27th: Central coast 10km (half marathon festival). Woke up feeling pretty groggy after a big bbq dinner, drinks and celebrity Head tournament. Didn't really want to race but went through the motions of coffee, toilet, slow warm up, run throughs and then I was off. Tried to be competitive for as long as possible but just faded at the 2km mark. Didn't have any fight in me. Legs obviously stuffed from the ride, head stuffed from the drinks, stomach heavy and with the stress of camp organisation it only got worse. One by one they cruised past me including Mike L relegating me to 7th overall in high 35mins. Not a great run for me. Couldn't even run back. Thanks to Craig Wiseman for the lift after he also struggled around the half course (won't go into details with his time).
Total for the week: 73km

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