Saturday, 17 December 2016

Silly season

It's been a tiring couple of weeks as we descend upon Christmas and my first decent break that doesn't involve a running camp. 2 weeks off work will be just the ticket I need to launch into a 2017 running campaign and hopefully some solid performances.

I do need to get back up to and hopefully over the top of Barts, Quentin and Tom who all joined me yesterday for our end of year drinks. A lot of backslapping and talk of holding back the age barrier for another few years started to motivate me once again after what has been a flat couple of months since Melbourne. Throw in the likes of Hoey (who mainly races marathons), Neil, Nick Roberts & Scotty O, it will be a great competitive year spurred along by them all.

Now that Rejoov Runners is officially affiliated with ANSW as an athletic club, I will wind it up again and line up for the State 5000m in mid Feb with hopefully the State 10 000m a month later (haven't checked dates yet). Very exciting for Rejoov to grow this side of the club and introduce our runners to the wonderful world of ANSW (and last minute starting time schedule changes).

The week starting Dec 5th was mostly in Melbourne under warm skies at first then miserable cold rain. 4 seasons in one day Melb at its best.

Mon 5th Dec: Still in Sydney: 2 runs totalling 22km which was a good start to the week.
Tue 6th: Met up with good mate Baz Proctor to run the TAN Track in Melb. 6 x 5mins along the base of the loop on slightly slippery surface but managed a tick over 1500m for the first rep and matched it for the remaining 5 efforts. Total 15km
Wed 7th: 13km around Albert Park, Southbank and the Tan. Perfect night for a run
Thur 8th: AM: 6km loop of the lake PM: 7km incl 8 x 200m reps barefoot in nearby Fawlkner Park. Christmas party at Left bank alongside the Casino with Dave Warner and the NZ cricket team strolling past (in opposite directions)
Fri 9th: No run. Morning after.
Sat 10th: KAMAY park run. This is a new park run at
La Perouse. They have called it Kamay after the local indigenous clan but I'm just not sure people will recognise this. Most are called after their location so people know exactly where to go. This new course is undulating as it snakes around the coast for 1.3km, back again only then to repeat. At no stage are you running on the flat but I wouldn't call it slow as there are some nice down sections. In typical fashion I took off with no idea how fast I was running. Maybe it was Mikey L being there and having beaten me more than I would have like of recent or maybe it was the allure of grabbing my first park run record. Probably a bit of both.
3.03 first Km, through 3km in 9:35 only to fade for a 6:56 2km and 16.31 result which was ok. I think I can break 16mins in full flight on this course which would out me at around 15:30-35 on the track.
Total 12km
Sun 11th: 25km with the CP guys - 4:25 average by the end.
Total 100km on the knocker which was quite pleasing. Some good sessions in there and the long run was very comfortable.

Sammy Johnson's 40th bash at the local bowls club

Mon 12th: 8km with Jeff at 6min pace
Tue 13th: 15km - very hot day (36deg). HuRTs session - 45min continuous starting with 7x2mins off 1min down to the turnaround (5.7km). Felt pretty good to this point. 5min slow jog (still feeling good) then a tempo all the way back to the start. Managed 10mins at 3:40pace before blowing up and jogging it in. Still solid in the heat.
Cold Play concert mid week. Was actually really good. I found out I knew more songs than I realised.

Wed 14th: 17km in CP first up with Birchy, Elle and Sonya at just under 5min pace which was great. Then with client Mitch who was struggling a bit in the heat but holding on well.
Thur 15th: No run - wet, cold, unmotivated after having missed the HuRTs session.
Fri 16th: 5km jog along the coast after work xmas dinner last night.


Annual lads luncheon at Manly celebrating another year of paying for Tom's lunch.

Sat 17th: No run. Rest day (again)
Sun 18th: I'll stick my head out and say 30km as I type the night before.
(managed 34km actually feeling quite good) 79km for the week

Next week being Christmas week I am hoping for 100km as I don't have any dinners / late nights so all good. Time to get serious again and if I wait for Jan 1st I'll diminish my chances at the state 5000m.

Stay tuned.

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