Monday, 26 September 2016

Three weeks to go!

With just 3 short weeks until I line up in Melbourne for my first attempt in two years since the same event, I'm feeling quite relaxed still. I'm very realistic about what's involved with marathon preparation and then the actual day and just what has to all come together to achieve a great result. I'm very hopeful. I feel like I'm on track. Perhaps a few weeks too short in my prep having been sick for all those weeks in June & July but with a decent taper and the right conditions I'll be pushing for that 2:29:44 PB done in Berlin in 2001.

I have two weeks of training to update. Post the three weeks of 160km was an easier week that ended with a few days skiing in Thredbo with Barts and his family and a mate Errol and his girl. The legs held up well on the slopes and no injuries occurred so all good there. Even managed a couple of runs around the village in the afternoon.

Mon 12th Sept: AM: 6km coastal jog  PM: 14km steady Centennial Park in 4:20's  (20km)
Tue 13th: HuRTs 10 x 5min session with 90sec break. I ran the extra 2 reps beforehand and joined up with Muz, JFen, Jerome, Quentin and Barts to run the remaining 8 efforts. This was tough. I was coming off a 39km long run two days earlier and my legs were shattered already. My stomach was also playing up and as a result one rep was cut a minute short whilst I shot into a loo. Most reps were between 3:13 and 3:20 pace which was solid but finally the 10th rep cracked me and JFen sailed off into the distance as I struggled to maintain 3:30 pace. Even walked half my cool down back to the car. Total (20km)
Wed 14th: AM: 6km easy jog  PM: 14km easy. Legs gonski  (20km)
Thur 15th: Easy 10km recovery pace
Fri 16th: 25km long run in Canberra. Legs still sore. Tuesday has really taken it's toll.
Sat 17th: 11km posy skiing along the Thredbo river trail.
Sun 18th: Rest day. Finally succumbed to having a day off after many weeks.
Total for the week: 106km

 Good to have Barts' measure on the slopes. Jaden just happy to kiss Olef and ski with Dad.

And there were only 14 other similar Aldi jackets floating around. Felt like a little secret Aldi tribe of tight arses.

 Thanks for the great company and food guys. This is how you make a fire mate!

 Kroney was in the village and invited us to take him on at table tennis. Badluck mate. Great fun though.

Back in Sydney and have brought a cold back with me thanks to sick kids and grandparents. Didn't mess around so started popping anti biotics which did the trick and within 48hrs the cold was gone. The drive home with the cold was tiring so had to have another day off.
Mon 19th: 12km in Thredbo with a fast finish. Average 4:15's.
Tue 20th: Rest day. Recovery day.
Wed 21st: 15km easy - 4:30's in CP
Thur 22nd: Tough CP session in the wind and rain. 5 x 4km efforts with 3min jog between. All 5 reps were run in 3:28 average so absolutely pumped with this after being sick for a few days. Total run was 26km and yep - legs shattered again.
Fri 23rd: AM: 5km very slow on coogee oval  PM: 7km coastal run again slow. Long run tomorrow. Not sure how this is going to go after yesterday so stretching, taking magnesium etc to prepare.
Sat 24th: Manly long run - 35km pushing the last 5km in 3:30-40's. Legs sore the whole way but functioning well still. Good confidence boost.
Sun 25th: 20km in CP with Hurts and Rejoov runners. Felt pretty good actually.
Total for the week 120km

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