Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Miserable Man Flu

It's a very short one this week. Yet again I have been struck down with a head cold that saw me fail in last Sat's striders 10km being the one lead up race I wanted to nail before Melbourne. Starting to come good and feel like I should be healthy come race day but it does mess with the mental game associated with final marathon preparations.

Mon Sept 26th: AM: Easy 9km (5min pace) PM: 10km at 4:15 pace
Tue 27th: 13km total - Monna Fartlek in CP. Same course as always but quite short of last time. Just made the 6km mark on 20mins but with the onset of a cold and the high winds I may have been too hard on myself.
Wed 28th: AM: 6km coastal run. PM: In bed sick
Thur 29th: Easy 10km at 4:40 pace
Fri 30th: Easy 8km at 4:30 pace. Actually starting to feel slightly better
Sat 1st Oct: Woke up not feeling too crash hot but I know from experience that after a coffee, the drive, a warm up and strides that great races still eventuate so I went through all these motions and arrived on the start line pumped, snotty but ready to race.

Straight out of the gate with Scotty O'Connor the only other person to go with me. My whole sense of pace judgement must have also been off (more than usual that is) as I twisted and turned my way around the carpark and through to the 1km mark in 3:02. Ouch a tad fast but what the hell, Scotty was right there and so I thought we could push through the wind together on this course. But this was not meant to be. Scott surged past at 2km and I caught him just once before he again pushed away convincingly and ran on well. I was the opposite. I blew completely at 3-4km and managed to hold between 3:25-3:30's all the way to the end to record 34:14 over a minute behind Scotty.

Robin finished just behind with Neil not so fresh off his Berlin marathon (6days) after him. Another well organised race by Paul Hannell and the Striders crew. Total 18km

Sun 2nd Oct: Descended again after the race and awoke feeling crap. Waited a few hours then went out for a 10miler at midday in the warmth. Feeling very lethargic and wobbly. Bugger
Total for the week 90km.

Here's hoping with less than 2 weeks to go.

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