Tuesday, 13 September 2016

100 mile trifecta

It's been a tough 3rd week of 160km but the body has held up quite well considering I have never done more than 3 weeks over 150km in a row before (and even that was a one off 15yrs ago).

Not much other than running to report from the last week. But I was contacted by a race director in China asking if I would be interested in a free trip (flights, accom & entry) to compete in a 100km trail race in one of the provinces in the north. Never been to mainland China so it was tempting. The race profile looked incredibly hard but something I've done before. However it is scheduled for next Sat 23rd Sept so an immediate deal breaker. It has sparked an interest in contacting some of these Asian race organiser though for future events.

This last week was a real confidence booster having survived the first week and consolidating with a 2nd big week. Yes I realise that 160km to some is not a major life achievement but boy - personally it feels a lot harder than 120/130km that's for sure.

Mon 5th Sept: AM: 8km coastal jog - slow (probably over 5min pace, I wasn't awake)
PM: 12km again average pace down. Legs pretty shattered but still carrying me around ok. (20km)

Tue 6th: AM: 8km coastal jog  PM: 22km session. 4 x 4km marathon paced efforts (3:28-3:30) with 3mins jog between. 18km session in 65mins. 2km warm up and cool down. (30km)

Wed 7th: AM: 14km to Sth Maroubra and back at 4:30 pace  PM: 8km in the park steady @4:15's. (22km)

Sonya's 40th birthday dinner at the very tasty Mr Wongs. Cheers Munch.

Wed 10pm - fly out straight from dinner for Melbourne.

Thur 8th: AM: 6km jog around Lake Albert in Melbourne. Very tired after arriving after midnight. 5mins per km  PM: 14km along St Kilda beach. The plan was to try for some 2km efforts but it was just so windy I just sauntered along managing to finish with an average of 3:58. Felt okay finally which was nice. Relaxed on the couch in the hotel watching the Bachelor when I should have been watching the first AFL final apparently.  (20km)

Fri 9th: 10km easy around the tan a couple of times. Legs stuffed. No more running today.

Sat 10th: 36.5km with the Manly boys and Elle. Great run averaging 4:30's before kicking it down for the last 10km in 37mins. Total time 2:32 averaging 4:16s. Top running from Craig McCredie as he embarks on a big European trip starting with the Berlin Marathon. And also Elle who smashed out 37km in 4:30 average which is not too many seconds per km above what she needs to do in Melb. On fire Elle.

Happy birthday Tom. Hope to catch you soon.

Sun 11th: 21.5km with the CP Hurts guys and girls. Great turnout with JFen and Ray leading the charge. Felt quite good actually and managed to bring the pace down over the last few kms to finish in around 4:25 average.

Total for the week: 160km

Beer of the week. Labi Italian beer who are based out of Marrickville and only stock in limited shops so far. We tried some at the recent Coogee food and wine festival and were very impressed. This one is an amber ale but at 6% it packs quite a punch. Enjoy.

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