Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Another solid week (Aug 29 - Sep 4)

Melbourne Marathon is just six weeks away and some would suggest that I am almost cramming with these big weeks but the aim is to do just 3 x 160km weeks. This current 3rd week has already started a little light so it could be a tough ask to round out this smaller block before I have an easier week.

It is usually suggested that any increase to weekly mileage be limited to 10% jumps at most. I have been very comfortable given time and health with 130km weeks for quite a while so these last two have been jumps of closer to 23-24% which is a risk I know. I'm hoping that if I can hang in there for this 3rd 160km week, come down for an easier week then put in a couple of 140-150km weeks before the taper, I may just have enough strength to lodge a serious tilt at my 2:29:44 marathon PB in Melbourne. Added to the fact that there are a few guys targeting sub 2:30 may mean a good pack at least till 25km hopefully. The problem often is that everyone seems to have different strategies. We know Hoey (Michael Ho) jogs the first half then powers home really well. A lot of confidence there with the back half. I have normally gone out hard and tried to hang on to limit the back half fade. With Melbourne I may try and hit middle of the road with those two opposing strategies.

Last week included just one speed session of sorts as the mileage took precedent. But it also involved a longer long run with tempo effort which was good strength building.

Mon 29th Aug: AM: 6km coastal run - 5min kms  PM: 16km CP run at 4:30's. Legs a little ginger but recovering from the previous Sat 37km struggle.  (22km)
Tue 30th: AM: 6km coastal run - 5min kms  PM: Sessions: Cent Park white fence. 4 x 3.6km white fences at 3:28-30 pace with 3min jog between each. Felt in control for all but the last 1km of the last one. Long session incl warm up etc 22.5km  (28.5km)
Wed 31st: AM: 6km coastal run  PM: 12km only. Was originally meant to race the Coastal Classic this Sat and decided to reduce the Wed mileage a bit to allow some freshness to creep in. (18km)
Thur 1st Sep: Coastal Classic cancelled (postponed) due to the doom and gloom weather forecast. NPWS obviously didn't want us wreaking havoc on their trails. AM: 7km coastal run
PM: 15km progressive tempo. Started very easy and finished at only 4min kms but feeling better.
Fri 2nd: AM: 7.5km  PM: 6km  - both very easy and both in very wet miserable weather. (13.5km)
Sat 3rd: AM: 39km long run at Manly. Met Muz and Craig McCredie at Manly Pool and covered 22km between 5:20am and 7am which was when the Striders Nth Head 10km started. I entered and jumped on the start line late to keep momentum going with my run. There was a group of us running alongside Barts who was the 35min pacer including JFen, Macca and others. Even my ole mate Paul Arthur was back and tailing us nearby early on. The wind picked right up but there was no rain to be seen. Quite mild actually. So much for the forecast.

Barts as usual was missing the km markers on pace as I drifted ahead of his group before he realised what was happening and surged. This dropped most of the pack except JFen who hung on well and then went with Barts as I faded slightly at the 8km mark. Barts crossed on target, Jfen around 35:15 and me in 35:27 before heading straight down the hill via Shelly Beach and back to the car for a very tiring but satisfying 39km.

The B&E roll tasted incredible. Too bad the next 30mins involved changing my flat tyre. The hardest part was trying  not to cramp crouching down.

Sun 4th: AM: 17km with the Eastside guys. LJ was powering along doing 32km of her own. Nick, Craig, Birchy, Jerome, Ant, Jac, Hoey, Renee and a few others all helped to get me through my backup run at 4:30's to round out 160km for the week.

But then the Warrior fun run was on at the same time and Greta managed a win in sub 40mins looking strong despite some recent ankle problems. At 10:30am the kids 2km started and Jaden really wanted Dad to run with him. So off we went with mum in tow as well. And sure enough, we ended up racing another little boy and his dad. Jaden would sprint ahead, then walk, sprint, go to the toilet behind a tree, and so on. The other boy ran it evenly and looked to be gaining ground before also having to take a pit stop late in the 2km. But it was all about Jaden being able to gain confidence and have fun with Dad on Father's Day. I couldn't have been prouder.


The reward

So two weeks down - 160km and 162km. Hopefully I can replicate this week. Off to Melb for a few days so I might be tougher time wise.

Have a great week.

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