Thursday, 4 August 2016

City to Surf is approaching

Already it's Thursday and I had every intention of updating my blog last Sunday but definitely by Monday. That's what happens when you're renovating your kitchen and laundry, trying to train hard, working and so on.

Anyway, things are starting to look up training wise. The highlight of the week was a solid long run with the Northern beaches guys on Sat.

Mon July 25th: My birthday and a pretty quiet day. Somebody's head was a little groggy and sore after falling off the scooter the night before. Got home and trotted around for a token 5km. Reap what you sow I suppose.

Tue 26th: HuRTs session: 16km with 10 x 350m hill surges. Felt a little better but not fantastic. Good to do it with Quentin, Fats, Jerome and see all my guys and girls out there pushing hard up the hill Even JC post Hawaii was gunning well.

Wed 27th: 18km with Neil around the Bay run, Gladesville bridge. This went really quickly and it was good to have someone to run with on a wed for a change.

Thur 28th: AM: 6km coogee coast jog  PM: 11km with 3 x 2km efforts in CP by myself. Still feeling off so I just did 3 off 9min cycles. 6:22, 6:23 and 6:28. They felt a lot harder than they should have but perhaps I'm being too hard on myself. On the ground afterwards for a minute or so.

Fri 29th: Easy recovery 7km

Sat 30th: Long run with Barts, Tom, Quentin, Scotty, Robin, Macca, Ben and Craig McCredie. I heard it was going to be a fast finish and immediately became nervous so tactically I parked 4km up the course and ran to the start beforehand. This gave me less of a fast finish than the 9-10km the guys normally do. We averaged around the 4:25 mark as we made our way towards Narra lake. I felt great and was psyching myself up for the fast finish.

Then as we hit the area where it ramps up, Barts disappeared into the toilets and we all took off. Sorry Barts. That's what happens when you smash me by 2mins at the GC half. McCredie and Macca took off quite hard and I trailed with Robin and Tom for a km or so before taking it up a notch up a hill and past Macca and McC. I felt really good. It may have been the gels or the multidextram stuff Barts recommended but I just had the energy and strength to run on so I increased pace and managed a few sub 3:30's all the way back to my car and 30km. Very very happy with the run today for the first time since GC half (even though I WAS 2mins behind Barts up there). Easy 1km to and from the café. Yep that's right - I'm including this!

Sun 31st: Easy 12km coastal run at 4:30's. Legs okay which is a good sign. Still coughing up crap though. Will this cold ever leave me???

106km for the week. Monday and Tuesday let me down here.

Shout out to a few results from my squad of late:

1) Sonya coming 2nd in the Rafferty's trail run (roughly 30km). Sets her up nicely for the Coastal Classic which I am now joining her in.

2) Brucey Lambert for his win last week in the very hilly Roseville Chase 10km fun run. He is on fire at the moment and will no doubt do a PB at the C2S.

And to all our Rejoov runners who continue to travel the globe training and racing, well done guys.


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