Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Comeback week of sorts

I'm now approaching 7 weeks of being sick and with the exception of a solid Gold Coast half result, it has been a period I'd best forget running wise. PB though with regards to length of sickness so I suppose that's something. Added to that this week was a slight bout of mild concussion. See below for the stupidity award update.

Mon 18th July: AM: Easy 6km jog with rejoov client
PM: 13km steady (4:20's is what I am calling steady these days)

Tue 19th: 2 x 20mins hurts session - run as 10mins @3:50's and 10mins @3:25-30's with a 3min walk break between. Feeling light headed and could not have done the full 2 x 20 at 3:20's like last time I did this. Total 19km

Wed 20th: AM: 6km again with Rejoov client
PM: Easy 12km (4:35-40's)

Thur 21st: AM: Coogee coast jog
PM: 11km at 3:55's up at Woy Woy visiting Dad. Wasn't up for a full session.

Fri 22nd: 8km around to Pearl Beach from Umina return. Wanted more but time restricted.

Sat 23rd: 15km around the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley / Lovedale area with Greta, Stu and Ben Webster. Great to roll along and chat.

 Great place for kids.

Sun 24th: Hunter Valley Half marathon / long run. Entered this as a way to force myself to do a long run the morning after what would be a relaxing day of wine tasting. Started off at 3:40's straight up a hill feeling like absolute shite. 4deg, slightly dusty, slightly sick still and a fresh looking young bloke alongside me. Well he pushed on rather well and finished in a cracking time on that course of 72mins. The course went up for 1km, down a bit then up this massive steep hill to Audrey Wilkinson Winery. The view granted was excellent but the journey this time alas was not better than the destination. I had backed right off by then and just settled into running a 4min pace tempo the whole way. I finished with 81:46 and 4th but happy to have done 25km in total on this freezing cold morning. Well done to Stu Cassie for a solid 1:42, Greta for her 4th place also in another tempo long run time of 90mins and to Char, Jen, Ben, Sonya and Himanshu for some good runs in the 10km a little later in the morning (but nowhere closer to being warmer).

Total for the week 123km which I was quite happy with. Was shooting for 130km but missed it with Friday and Sunday being short.

Post race celebrations were fun with a tasting platter / wine lunch at Muse restaurant - Hungerford Hill then onto Roche Estate for drinks with the Balmoral tri guys then back to the Crowne Bar and finally culminating with me trying to show everyone how good I was on Jaden's scooter. Well let's just say it didn't go so well and I landed on my left hip and banged the side of my head on the road. I jumped straight back up brushing it all off rather embarrassed but over the subsequent couple of days I'm quite sure (according to Dr Google) I had mild concussion.

I tell everyone that most running injuries happen through stupidity so being a coach I have to lead by example I suppose. Not going to do again mind you but at least I haven't been taken out of running as a result. Just a bruised hip, sore head and even sorer ego.

Mon 25th July: My Birthday and it was a very low key day. Greta still not happy with my antics ensured for a quiet trip home. Only managed 5km in the afternoon before having to rest again.

     Andy Heyden won the marathon in under 3hrs breaking away at the 400m mark and never looking back.

Char Cassie (BENEFIT nutrition) finishing strong

 Well done to Stu, Mel and Greta

    So far so good.

  Uh oh, who gave me these and forced me to drink them??

Further south, Rejoov Runners took out the Sutherland to Surf teams event which was our first major win, well done guys. We also managed to raise more funds for charity (Love Mercy) than any other team also so a massive morning for the gang. Big congrats to Adam Ballesty for organising the charity side of things in conjunction with Gret.

And congrats to Maya for her PB in the Melb half as well. Hope to celebrated hard also but just without the falling off the scooter bit.

Beer tip of the week: Whatever you do, don't drink beer after wine and muscat and then scooter.

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