Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Bounce Back

Happy to announce that by mid week, my illnesses were finally beginning to disappear. Managed to get some anti-biotics, nasal sinus rinse, decongestant and who knows what else I inhaled but I was running okay by Thursday/Friday, then decided to jump in a half marathon at Woy Woy on Sunday. Dad lives up there so it was good to tie in a visit and potentially use this half as a long run without any stress etc of racing it.

Well just read on for more on that pipe dream.......

Mon 13th June: No run today. Spent the public holiday in bed all day. Watched Game of Thrones on my iPhone. Not exactly the same viewing experience but I wasn't moving - even to the lounge room.

Tue 14th: Slow 5km morning jog PM: slow evening 10km jog - sluggish but not foul

Wed 15th: 15km around Concord hospital. Great off road / footpath track circumnavigating the various bays around there finishing at the Kokoda Memorial and return. Feeling a lot better today.

Thur 16th: AM: 10km CP with 6 x 500m reps between 1:39 (1st one) and 1:31 (most of the others)
PM: 6km jog along the coogee coastline.

Fri 17th: Nothing really unless you can count approx. 100m worth of jogs back and forth for another TV commercial I managed to snag thanks to James Masters. Owe you a case of beer James. Let me know if you read this and I'll pay up.

Meanwhile a little earlier at lunch, Greta took out the women's division of the City Mile Dash. Congrats G. Well done to her team as well - Sonya, Simon and Matt for their great result.

Sat 18th: 8km steady (4:20 pace). Felt pretty good. Tomorrow may not be that bad after all.

Sun 19th: Bay to Bay half marathon. Great conditions greeted us at the start line. No super storm as of yet, 15 deg, no wind and no rain. Just Marty Dent returning again for the cash. I can't complain, I saw the numbers $100/$750/$500 and last year's times and thought I could snatch at least 3rd place without suffering too much.

No princess of Thailand this half marathon thankfully so the gun went and suddenly there was 4 of us. No idea who the other two were. We bowled up past Dad's place (800m) with me just on Marty's back (which felt good for that brief period), and David Manwaring who I had heard of but never met. At the time I had no idea who both the others were but David went with Marty and I ran alongside the other guy (who apparently has just emigrated from Scotland to the Central Coast). We passed 1km in 3:12, the second in 3:11, the third in 3:14 then I was spent. Oh well only 18km to go. These guys weren't slowing and I already had a healthy lead over 4th. "I'll at least secure an age category placing - bla bla bla" all going through my head. I was happy to just be out there running fast again. First time really since my Phuket half 2 weeks prior.

10km came and went in 33:50. Darren Moyle was approx. 45 secs back and seemingly running strong. I knew he didn't fade like I do so I had to keep the intensity up otherwise I'd be caught. But again, his race went astray with a loo stop and that was that. The other guy he was running with still lingered though. Further back was Andy Heyden who was having troubles staying on course but running strongly enough. The course consisted of 3-4 hill climbs (100-200m), and a lot of twists and turns on footpath, grass and access roads. Not fast but plenty of opportunity to get into a rhythm on some flat stretches.

The last hill climb over the Gosford bypass bridge came and went and I knew 4th place was secure. Bitter sweet as I felt I had run well but was way out of the money. The first 3 guys were 3-5 mins ahead. I came in at the 73:39 mark equal to Canberra 2 mths ago. Darren soon after with Andy after him. My sister Jenny came 5th overall in 91mins which is another great step forward with her comeback. Well done J.

Total for the day 24km. Total for the week: 78km

Next week (or this current week as I type) I start a nutrition program with Charlene Cassie (BENEFIT NUTRITION). I have NEVER remotely considered a program like this before as it would restrict me and annoy me I thought. But after getting food poisoning and also in signing up for Melb marathon, I wanted to give it a decent shot all round.

And Charlene's plan is actually achievable. She subscribes to the 80/20 rule as a general way to guide good food to naughty stuff. 2 alcohol free days a week (Mon and Tue), one less coffee (so 1-2 now), and I have even made my own toasted muslie (something I thought I was physically incapable of). Want proof??

<<<<< here!

100km week this week coming and a little less the following as I prepare for my 6th half marathon (Gold Coast) in 11weeks. Also something I normally wouldn't recommend for those I coach to do.

Thanks guys.


A special mention of thanks firstly to The Running Company Bondi Beach for their valued sponsorship for Rejoov Runners. Todd has come through with discounts for our runners, prizes for monthly awards and is always on hand to provide assistance in fitting the right shoe.

And to Himanshu from HuRTs who's company (INTERNAL CONSULTING GROUP) has also kindly sponsored the next batch of Rejoov Runners singlets. These are New Balance race quality singlets - lightweight and breathable. Cheers Munch.

Till next week, happy training.


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