Monday, 13 June 2016

A week to forget

Talk about crashing and burning. No one likes coming home from holidays especially a tropical warm climate to a cold wet one. That part I didn't mind. It was the bout of food poisoning I was harbouring as I flew the red eye special from Phuket, that would be my undoing.

Landed Tuesday morning and was just feeling off. No energy, no hunger, tired etc etc. Went to work but struggled all day. Then late afternoon it struck and this is where I'll spare you the details. Let's just fast forward to Wednesday afternoon when I may have had my first bite again.

I've had Gastro before. In fact I had it 4 days prior to the 2013 Berlin marathon. The timing on that one very much sucked. Still ran it and stumbled across the line but it's just debilitating and this week was no exception. Unlike gastro I didn't experience the best of both worlds non stop for a day, but bad enough. May have been a dodgy prawn pad thai at the Hotel restaurant, or just the water they used to clean the dodgy prawn, who knows. But since then I have barely been able to function. I ran a few times but it wasn't pretty. The low point came yesterday (Sunday) when I was literally staggering around Centennial Park barely able to keep up with the pack. Half walked, jogged, stumbled home barely able to recognise let alone communicate effectively with Laura who was warming up for the Sri Chinmoy half with her dog.

Mon 6th June: Morning after the Phuket half. Went for a run up the beach with Neil and Stu and as the tide was coming in, we ventured back towards the event village. I was feeling great. No niggles, soreness or fatigue. Barely could tell I raced yesterday. So why did I drop off that guy? I wondered. Just an in the moment heat related drop off I suppose.
This morning it was a lot hotter (2hrs later) and I left the guys and ventured elsewhere exploring as I wanted at least 10-12km. Managed to not get lost sort of but because there are not many access streets with all the lagoons, kept running until I landed back on the half marathon course and spotted the 15km marker. Ok so I know I'm 6km plus 1km to my hotel. A little boring but 14km all up.

Tue 7th: Landed in Sydney. Felt weak but nothing had happened yet. Went for a cruisey 10km jog along the coast but stopping twice at the loo - the beginning of the end.

Wed 8th: No run - out of action

Thur 9th: 7km feeling very weak. starting to develop a cold. Apparently 75% of our immune system is located in our gut so I was primed for one.

Fri 10th: No run - out of action. (Cold getting heavier)

Sat 11th: Rejoov tempo session. Managed 8km of this starting at 4:30's and bringing it down to 4:05's by the end. Total 12km again feeling weak.  (and heavier)

Sun 12th: Should not have gotten out of bed. Took some real iron will to get up and get to CP and then to keep up the 4:25's the guys were all going. Struggled the whole way around 7km loop then staggered home for 11km. (damn what is with this cold)

54km for the week.

Suffice to say, Gold Coast half is looking shaky as of right now. Everyone always says it's a good chance to rest your legs. The thing is, I don't WANT to rest my legs. I want to train, go up there in 3 weeks and try and race well.

Too bad for you that F*^#ing prawn is now saying.

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