Monday, 23 May 2016

Why we run.

You and I both know that we run for a multitude of reasons. Be it health, fitness, mid-life crisis, weight loss, we've made a bet or pushing for that next PB, running is an additive force that gets us out of bed everyday to pound the pavement.

Yet after many many many years of running training and racing, I would be remiss to touch on that very valuable other reason we run. And that is the friendships and camaraderie that motivate us along the way. Yes it is a solo sport of sorts for a lot of the time but the new friendships that can come about from our running pursuit are definitely an added benefit.

This week we say goodbye to one of our HuRTs founders, Mike Conway. Mike has been an ever calming influence over much of the squad over the years cautiously guiding them along to a specific pace that allowed everyone to finish the session well. As such, we all met up last Thursday at the Palisade hotel in the Rocks to say farewell as he embarks on a new life with his family in Mullumbimby. The turnout was fantastic and the sense of mateship throughout the room quite inspiring. No one is bothered with any negativity or ill feeling as we're all working people who just want to enjoy the sport. It's just great to see that level of perspective everywhere I look from my running mates.


We all wish you the very best Mikey and no doubt will see you along the way up or down the coast.

Meanwhile on the sands of Bondi, Greta and Adrian McGarvar were battling it out yesterday in the annual 4km soft sand classic with Mac once again proving he was not going to be beaten by a Truscott on home turf - JUST!
It was only a few hours earlier that Mac also took me out in our latest Words with Friends stoush. Primed for my first win in ages, I nudged him and he responded with the killer blow that beat me by a few points. Two Truscotts in 2hrs. No fair play to you Mac.

Further west yesterday, my sister Jenny took out Scott Westcott's Run NSW Parkes 10km road race to record her first outright win this year - well done J.

 Looked like a cracker of a day (and no smoke). 

My week ended with a very social 24km long run to again record 130km for the week. That's 5 in a row now and time for an easier one before we head off to Thailand on Sat.

Mon 16th May: AM: 6km coastal run very slow  PM: 12km Cent Park

Tue 17th: 18km total incl 45min session with Barts and Brendan - 6min(1min), 3min(1min) x 4 sets. Felt ok heading out but crappy on the way back. Holding back the 'you know what' pains.

Wed 18th: 18km at 4:20's around Homebush Bay, Rhodes loop. Felt ok but legs fatigued.

Thur 19th: AM: 6km easy PM: ES Marks 8 x 400m with 200m float. My hardest session for many years even though it's short. Started well (avoiding school kids the first lap) with 70secs and 42secs float but gradually faded a bit to finish with 15:25 overall for the 4.8km. So pretty happy considering it was a solo effort. Total 13km

Fri 20th: easy 12km coastal run at 4:30's

Sat 21st: AM: Rejoov Runners - 10km tempo on the footpath in Centennial Park. 33:50 feeling very sore in the legs. Glad to have had Robin there with me to help keep me focussed. Total 16km
PM: 5km slow

Sun 22nd: Great HuRTs turnout for the Sunday long run. Good to see Enda back from his secret mission in China. It worked obviously as his negotiation skills have improved. I'm not sure how I managed to let this happen but I basically need to beat him by 8mins at the Gold Coast half in July. So unless I can get into sub 68 shape, there's a lobster coming his way. Total for today 24km. LJ once again showing how she can find any obstacle going in Cent Park by rolling her ankle slightly. All ok I hear though. Keep it together LJ. You're finding some great form again.

And finally to round off a great weekend was the Orange Food and wine fair in Watson's Bay where a surprise visitor turned up to campaign in his very own 'supposedly safe' electorate.

 Malcolm went to shake Jaden's hand but Jaden shunned him. So don't be too upset if this happens to you. He was more interested in the other animals.

Take care and enjoy yourselves out there with mates.


PS: A big shout out to New Balance and the Running Company Bondi Beach for your ongoing support for all of our Rejoov Runners. Doing great things for a great sport.

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