Saturday, 28 May 2016


A forced easier start to the week yielded a great Wednesday speed session. Due to a sales conference, I was confined indoors most of Monday and Tuesday so my mileage was quite low. Around the same time, the small Superannuation ad I was in hit the TV screens and yep, it was as cheesy as it felt at the time. Good way to find out how many people are at home watching TV every night. (clip at the bottom should you still be with me by then).

Mon 23rd May: Easy 10km jog. Legs felt like lead so just as well it was a slow almost rest day

Tue 24th May: Even slower 7km AM run and tightly packed 7km PM run after the conference and before dinner (no shower but luckily it was a cold night so didn't sweat)

Wed 25th May: AM: 7km morning jog.
PM: Monna Fartlek in Centennial Park. For the past 15 or so years back to when I was training under Ken Green, I have been using this same figure of 8 grassed loop for the Monna F session. Each lap is 3.15km and I have only ever made it around the full 2 laps once (in the esteemed company of an up and coming Jeremy Roff at the time). Since then, I would have run this session perhaps 50 times so I know all my marks and where represents a reasonably good finish. Today I made it to 6.2km just shy of the 2 laps which is a fantastic boost off the back of a heavier than normal training block. Probably my 4th or 5th farthest ever. Average per km 3:14. Total 11km. Showing the benefits of extra consistent mileage to lifting strength in the back half of a session/race.

Thur 26th May: AM: 12km easy coastal run at 4:40-45 pace
PM: 8km steady - 4:20 pace

Fri 27th May: AM: 8km slow (cold) in the park PM: Lap of the Bay run - 7km

Sat 28th May: Long run - 2hrs in the park with the Sat Rejoov Runners fartlek 10.4km 4x2.6km lap involving 4 ascents of the Woollahra gates hill (Loch Ave). Even splits of 10mins per lap (38mins at 10km). Total for the 2hrs - 29km

106km for the week so far. Flying out for our 'Thanyapura sports run camp in Phuket today with fellow Rejoov runners Stu & Char, Maya, Beck, Juny, Rach, Cass, Julie, Mitch, Clem, Mel, and HuRT's members Sonya, Neil and Jac O'Connor.

Should be 120km for the week (supposed to be a lighter week so there it is - 10km less).

Going to be somewhere around 570-580km for May which would definitely be a 5yr PB.

Here's that Rest Super ad doing the rounds.

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