Sunday, 14 February 2016


Whilst this is not technically the view directly from our place, if I were to climb onto the roof of our apartment block, it wouldn't be far off. My point straight up is - what an amazing weekend for everything outdoors. The weather gods are kind at the moment and as such, everyone is racking up the miles in preparation for various races just around the corner.

My two are 6ft track and Canberra Marathon and getting the balance between these two is proving challenging so I'm focusing on Canberra and 6ft may just sort itself out on the day. Besides, the 2016 male line up consists of a whole swag of gun names from track, road and trail. Just making the starting line in the first wave is an achievement in itself.....

Sat 13th Feb: N.O.T.B - I travelled down to Manly early to meet the guys for a long run with a fast finish. I was looking forward to it, almost treating it like an event day. Pasta, early night, up early for coffee and toast and off.

Now I'm not sure if I have a reputation that proceeds me but Mr loyal, 'John Barts' Bartlett was the only one in attendance. There's a lot of hype around this NOTB group and their fast finishes so although I'm more than happy to run with Barts, it was a little disappointing the others stayed away. We set off with a loop down the beachfront and back to chew up some early easy kms. Barts had issues with his Garmin as it had reset itself and then restarted in Japanese or something. He fiddled and cursed and finally we were off again down towards Narrabeen. I felt pretty good. Averaging 4:20's through to 22km was very comfortable but I knew it was about to change with this last 12km fast finish. For the plan was to try and hit 3:30's for this last section of the long run.

The first few kms through to 25-26km came and went well enough as we started the long gradual climb up over the Dee Why hill. I dropped off, fought back on then dropped off again and Barts drifted onwards. I had one slower km but then brought it back with two 3:30's as I rounded the corner at Warringah Mall for the final stretch back to Manly. I was not in distress but it was tough by then. I was sitting at 29-30km and starting to fade a little. I dropped past my car at the pool to collect some $$$ for breakfast and then headed towards Queenscliff to meet up with Barts who was a minute or so down the road from me. I decided by then to finish at 33km as the wheels were falling off and the ocean was calling. So I ran a fast 11km finish in 39mins to record an average of 4:07 for the 33km.

A very very soothing dip in the ocean, then off to brekkie nearby where who should walk in with the family? None other than a hungover Tom who had almost lost his voice singing Karaoke at the Pickled Possum just a few hours earlier. A very slow trot back to the car actually racked up the 34th km I was planning so I might as well take it.

Sat night we celebrated a few birthdays as we ate and drank the night away at Yulli's vegetarian restaurant in Surry Hills.

I walked out completely full and barely knowing what I had eaten was vegetarian. And for $40pp, it was a great find thanks Jen and Marty.

Sun 14th Feb: Valentine's Day: Despite his request for everyone to turn up with chocolates for him, Tim went home empty handed from this morning's SOTB long run. I took a sleep in and met the group for the 7am start. In attendance were Ant, Enda, Jeet,  Birchy, Brendan, Brucey, Nick, Corky, Renaud, Elle (visiting from NOTB), Jerome, Carl, Dave Kane, and probably 1-2 others I have overlooked as I sip my Cab Sav watching MKR (how annoying is that fitness Biatch?).

The pace was consistent and surprisingly I felt great. Probably the massage I had post yesterday's 34km. I cruised around for 18km to round out my first 130km week in a while. This is the weekly mark I try to strive towards and it has not been achievable for many reasons lately so I am pretty happy with the week that was. Shout out to Elle who nailed a solid 26km and is well on her way to a successful 2016.

Quote of the day goes to Corky. Sitting around post run was fun as a few of us shot the breeze about many things. And then as we all stood up to leave, Corky chimes in with a very innocently delivered "Gee Renaud, your wet patch is bigger than mine".

Best leave that one alone...................

Second place for quote of the day goes to Enda Stankard for this:

"I'm planning on taking the boat out this afternoon"

And this was it!

Beer of the week:

- Hoppy Red Ale
- 5.0% strength
- Out of HopDog BeerWorks in Nowra
- The verdict: A zesty delivery of maltiness and hoppiness that best be reserved for those night's with long sleep ins the next day.
- 6/10 for me.

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