Friday, 12 February 2016


Mon 8th Feb: AM: Woke to two heavy stumps but dragged myself out to meet my client Jeff for a slow 8km trot around the park. I think his dog was feeling better than both of us.
PM: Steady 14km run at 4:25's - legs no better after the Sun Run and 30km long run from the weekend.

Tue 9th Feb: Tried to get 3 x 3km efforts going in the park after work and being solo didn't help. My mileage is not overly high (just can't find enough time around Greta's Rejoov group and my own work to do many double ups) - averaging between 100 - 125 of late. But the longer runs of 40km etc certainly sit in the legs for a while. First 3km - not bad 9:50, 2nd 10:10 and that was it. My 3rd was an attempt that morphed into a cool down.

Wed 10th Feb: 14km along the beaches followed by a swim (ocean temp is perfect right now)

Thur 11th Feb: AM: 8km with Jeff and his dog again.

PM: Hurts 3 x 2km efforts. My legs felt better on the warm up. I can tell when they have what I call 'released' from the fatigue and I was hopeful of a good session. Went out on the first effort with Hoey and was feeling pretty comfortable even though the watch was showing 3:12 average. These runs are also about space management and dealing with the hordes of people trying to get in our way. Unfortunately Hoey came unstuck just after I snuck through a tight opening and as such he dropped back. I finished somewhere just past Tim's 2km mark in Barangaroo in 6:22.

I decided to take a longer recovery than Hoey as I was running them at a slightly faster clip. It paid off as I returned (accompanied by Barts who found us out there) in 6:18. A slightly shorter recovery this time thanks to Barts and away for the 3rd and final 2km. Again, felt strong and kept pace finishing in 6:20 so pretty consistent. Cool down back to the car for 13km.

Fri 12th Feb: 30min jog along the beaches - 7km. Planning on joining the NOTB lads in the morning for a 34km fast finish.

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