Monday, 18 January 2016

Running - Relaxation - and Raging Rangers

Last week after returning from Thredbo, my legs were still coming to terms with the range of training sessions I was imposing upon them. The issue I have always had, has been getting the balance right when trying to prepare for everything from 5km to 100km events. Unfortunately on one hand the result has been achieving a reasonably okay level for everything but not nailing anything. On the other hand, it has helped to maintain the fun and excitement of running when so many have dropped off around me over the years.

Last week was no different in terms of variety:

Tue Jan 12th:  Easy recovery 12km - Centennial Park
Wed Jan 13th: Steady 13km run - Coogee to Maroubra return

Thur Jan 14th: saw a group of us from HuRTs meet up at McKay Oval Centennial Park early for the scheduled 8 x 800m session. It was shaping up to be a hot day and the morning was already quite warm so we were keen to get under way.

On deck were the likes of Enda, Laura, Jerome, Elle, Sonya, Corky, Birchy and a few others so a fun start to the day. Then Grizzly Adams the local park ranger turned up and the session started going pear shaped. This guy is making it his own personal mission to kick runners off McKay Oval. There is no publicised signs stating that we cannot run on this patch of grass, no indication it is private property and with most of us running barefoot, no visible signs of damage imparted by our group on the turf.

But sure enough, out he came from his Nissan Micra or whatever match box car he drives, and launched his way across the horse track through towards the oval. It took him a while after stopping twice to sit down and rest but he finally got there and then stepped onto the oval to position himself in our direct path in readiness. Up went his arm directing us to step off the oval - similar to the occasional marshal at fun runs who do their jobs. He then muttered something inaudible as I side stepped left and glided by him quickly exclaiming that "I'm in the middle of a rep mate".

Next lap, round I came (because Enda was too scared to lead), and he tried again, "This is private property bla bla bla" I couldn't think of anything else so I just blurted out "Piss off mate". Only in Australia we use the word "mate" to describe our friends and those we temporarily despise.

He drove off and did a hot lap of his own. 30km p/h in the Nissan Micra - probably a PB for him, before spotting us again and the realising we had not listened to a word he had said. So he tried again. Out of the micra, horse track etc. you get the drift, this time trying to indicate that we would have to pay for using the grass. Shit we weren't smoking the stuff I thought but I asked him to point out all the signage that suggested we were breaking the law. Sound of crickets ensued so the next lap he pulled out the big guns - his iPhone camera. He held it up as I made my way around and snap snap he went. I wanted to ask him if they would be up online at some stage and perhaps a little cheaper than the those pics of us that fun run circuit photographers try and extort out of us. But all I could manage was "Good onya mate, I'm wearing a hat a sunnies"

And that was that. A bit of time wasted along the way meant that I could only get 6 reps out in close to 2:28 for each but my legs were feeling fatigued and I jogged home for a total of 15km. The rest of the crew all were running really well and from what I hear managed to get the remaining 2 reps completed before Grizzly Adams perhaps would fly in Elvis the water bombing helicopter to try and get us off the grass.

Fri Jan 15th: I decided to actually train for 6ft track so I ran down to Sth Coogee and ran the staircase there for 45mins continuous. Up and down all good, very tiring but I felt like I was actually doing something right for that Pluviometer climb to come in March. 14 return climbs later and I jogged home for a total of 10km feeling quite accomplished.

Sat Jan 16th: Could hardly walk. Wow ok that obviously hurt me yesterday. Went to a 2yr old party in the park then decided to run home via a few loops. Bumped into Dave Kane who helped make the run go smoother and 10km later I was done.

Sun Jan 17th: Another HuRTs long run with most there minus LJ, Timmy, Birchy and Jeet who ventured FSOTB (further south of the bridge) to run Lady Carrington Drive with LJ. The pattern was clear - those with kids stayed local as commitments prevailed. In my case a $25 per hr babysitter to relieve as quick as possible. I started at 5:30am and was 15km into my run when I met the guys at 6:30am. JFen, Razor, and Brucey set an early pace with KC (kitchen Craig), Champ, Greta, Nick, even Renaud following closely.

It was a tough day after I had reached 30km. My legs were stuffed and I was in survival mode very quickly. The last 3-4km were pretty lame as I fell through my back door, shoving money into the babysiter's hands after 37km.

I have now run 17 days in a row as has Tom. I suggested a $10 jackpot per month but was flatly denied. Good sign for me but who knows what's around the next corner for us both. Sounds like Tom is putting some big weeks together at the moment.

Finally some feedback from Birchy that I should start my own critique to match that of Hoey's food focus and Timmy's trash talk focus. We've decided upon beer. So here's my first posting.

Cricketer's Arms - Keeper's Lager. Named because once tasted, the brewery knew they had found a keeper and in my humble opinion they're right. I'm more a pale ale man of late but this lager was very easy to drink. Not quite as sharp as your Fat Yak or Little Creatures, not as heavy as a coopers. The balance is perfect - 8.5/10.

Drink up folks! cheers

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  1. A fine beer mate but my money's on the Spearhead Pale Ale. A nice alternative to Cooper's on a sunny evening...