Sunday, 24 January 2016


Wow so much happening and so little time. Balancing the training for the 10km Sun Run, 45km 6ft track, and 42.2km road marathon in Canberra is proving quite tiring but energising nonetheless.

Thur 21st: was my last post and I was about to head out to meet Quentin for a stair session down at Woolloomooloo. I was expecting it to be easy after my Sth Coogee stair session the week before but nope I could not have been more wrong.

33-35 degrees, blaring sun, sore legs already and a steep 35-40sec stair climb 30 times return in 30mins. Ouch it hurt. Quentin climbed quite well. I descended well so we were fairly even but after 30mins, we were almost walking back to the office. This shit better work is all I can say.

Thursday total - 15km

Thursday night: Attempted to go watch the HuRTs biathlon that Timmy had organised along with his friends at Weetbix. But alas, the year's biggest thunderstorm decided to descend at that starting moment and the pool was closed. Bottom line, a 5km TT which Quentin backed up from the stairs to win - kudos there mate. Rejoov Runners very well represented by my darling wife Greta and Laura James (okay she's more Hurts but so what). Both ran well and finished close for a mid 18min performance.

Meanwhile I was kicking back in my car with Jaden down near the Tilbury. We couldn't park at the pool so we pulled up and waited out the storm in the car watching cartoons and drinking beer. (me not the lad).

A fun night saying adios to Michael (Ja Ja Binx) Durante who is taking the family to Singapore to enjoy those balmy 35deg nights and sub zero shopping malls. More beers and food and according to Tim an early departure. He really doesn't see the whole picture I feel.

Fri 22nd: Sluggish, sticky, muggy and slowish 10km around Circular Quay / Barangaroo. Not sure what pace - maybe 4:35's??

Sat 23rd: I decided to do my long run today as Greta and I are due to run the pairs Knapsack challenge in the Blue Mountains next Tuesday. More on that later. Today I really wanted to run strong and try and get back on top with regards to my running MOJO. This has been lacking all year so far and it's been a bummer. My own fault with running 38km long runs etc so today was about pace. I ran C.park starting at an average of 3:56 before meeting up with Rejoov Runner Adam Ballesty to pace him around 5km in a tidy PB for him of 21:20. Next stop was Park Run St Peters where I arrived with a minute to spare, drink, line up and launch with none other than resident "WOTB"* Tim Lindop, out to prove you can master a 24/7 drinking lifestyle with running performance.

I ran 18:14 just ahead of Belinda Martin who I was trying to push along and 30secs ahead of the  'unknown(Tim.L)runner' who sneaked over undetected by the ever vigilant timing officials. Then it was time to head back to the park to finish out the last 5km of my long run. I had 21mins to run it and I was quite tired so not a given. I passed through 30km in 1:59:30 and finished another 1km later at the car. I felt great. My MOJO was back and I'm hoping it sticks around. With Tom, Neil, Hoey and Barts all cranking out 130-150km weeks, I needed to feel I still had something potentially to offer and it worked. I think I'll be okay from now on.

Sun 24th: Easy paced 16km round Centennial Park with the HuRTs crew. Corky turning up half dressed but ready to rock, Jeet solid as always, Neil and Craig chatting about the Dead Poet's society of the Robby Burns Scottish Day and of course everyone's favourite underdog, Enda Stankard who regaled us with his Chinese exploits and the reasons why we should basically never enter into a bet with him.

Total for the week: 102km. Not great so hopefully I can improve on this next week.

Here's this week's Beer review:

Monteith's Bohemian Pilsner:
* Malty aftertaste but if served cold, tastes very refreshing
* 5% so unfortunately consumption needs to be limited Timmy
* NZ beer: It's not as nice as I was hoping but still a 6.5/10.

24 days running (just take a day off will you Tom)

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