Monday, 13 February 2017

Much better week - still HOT though!

I won't go on about it. It's still hot and us runners are all suffering through our sessions and long runs. Hopefully the temps can decrease for upcoming events such as the Orange running festival and Six foot track.

Last week was at least consistent which is a change. 3 good speed sessions, a long run and the other massage runs s a mate called them once.

Mon 6th Feb: 15km at 4:25 pace feeling okay. Calf 100%

Tue 7th: 12km with Rejoov - 1 x 2km effort in 6:20 on a wet sluggish white fence with a float recovery (12:05 for the lap), few mins rest then 2 x 1km hill loops off 2mins rest. 3:10 and 3:17. Finally 6 x 200m hill repeats / jog back down. All in all a great session with variety and almost 50 of us going all over the place. Looked great.

Wed 8th: Easy 10km (all the time I had)

Thur 9th: Hot day so I got out with Robin at midday and ran a descending pyramid on Tantallon oval Lane Cove. Barefoot on half smooth, half rough surface. Robin bolted and ran a more outside line to me (my garmin was showing 400m per lap) so his first 2 reps were pretty impressive in that heat.

2km: 6:24  (Robin probably at least 8 secs quicker with distance adjustment)
1.6km: 5mins even

Then I started evening things up as he slightly faded and I managed to hold pace for the remaining efforts.

1.2km: 4:45
800m 2:30
400m: 67secs.

All with reducing recoveries as we went. It was a solid workout considering the heat.
Total 13km

Fri 10th: 5km Coogee beach with swim

Sat 11th: Met up with Enda at 6am to get our session done before I needed to coach the Rejoov set and before the hottest day of summer launched well and truly.
4km warm up, then 3 x half Monna Fartlek 10min efforts (surge at 5-10km race pace and float at half-marathon pace). 2.92, 2.95 and 2.95km for the 3 of these with Enda not far behind after learning quickly that the floats were to be quick not just a jog. Total 16km

Sun 12th: Striders StAR from Balmoral Beach. Just Charlie Low and myself to start with Ray Wareham appearing early on at the Spit bridge. We ran the very steep hills and staircases conservatively cautious of the heat and distance. I had 2 gels which proved to be advantageous as I didn't suffer as I did the week before. My left toe did however give me some grief which worried me so one to watch there.

Ended up with 29km and 100km for the week.

Some pics from the week's sessions:

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