Monday, 31 October 2016

A New Start

Two weeks post Melbourne marathon and I'm starting to enjoy my running again. For the past many  years, I have always had an event to train for at most stages of the year. This time last year it was 6ft track looming in March. But there is nothing on the horizon for me as it stands now. Sure I may do JP Morgan if Tom comes through with a bib from an Allens employee who thought it was a good idea at the time, but nothing major - at all.

This will no doubt change but I am enjoying just training from day to day. Mileage is easy, sessions are starting to pick up so perhaps starting at the bottom again (5km) and working back up will be the go.

The week post Melb was pretty much a non training week. All about recovery, eating, wine, beer, TV and playing with Jaden. I'm absolutely loving watching him go at Friday night Little A's.

Mon 17th Oct: No run (casual walk around the Tan track). Absolutely perfect conditions - go figure
Tue 18th: 5km very easy on grass - Falkner Park Sth Yarra
Wed 19th: 6km around Albert Park Lake - legs very sore. Why do the bad marathons also yield even sorer legs?
Thur 20th: 10km Cent Park easy
Fri 21st: 8km easy
Sat 22nd: 10km incl 6km tempo at 3:45's in CP with the Rejoov Runners squad. Feeling a bit better
Sun 23rd: 10km slow again
Total: 49kms. Feeling very relaxed.

Mon 24th: 8km at 4:30's
Tue 25th: 5 x 5min efforts with HuRTs. Started with 2 easier efforts pacing my brother Pete through in around 3:50 pace. Feeling a little looser in the hips and hammies so gave it a nudge for the next 2 and managed to keep up with JFen, Barts, Quentin and co. Felt pretty good but left it at that and ran the last one easier again. Total 12km
Wed 26th: 10km very easy
Thur 27th: Monna Fartlek with HuRTs. Started at the Overseas passenger terminal and headed around to Barangaroo following Barts, Brendan and JFen in the first 90secs. Got a little annoyed with Japanese wedding parties and the general lack of space so went to the front on the float. I have run this session almost 100 times so I know it very well and I feel confident with it. I surged away at 3:10 reps and 3:30 floats going through 5km in 16:30. Finished with 6.1km. First decent session post marathon. Total 11km
Fri 28th: 6km easy
Sat 29th: Rejoov Runners Interval session in CP. 4 x 1450m Busby lake intervals off long recoveries (8min cycles). Ran them hard and finished with 4:28, 4:28, 4:26 and 4:26.
Sun 30th: 18km with the Hurts and Rejoov guys in the park.
Total: 77km

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