Monday, 18 April 2016

Recovery week (of sorts)

Monday I woke with a rather heavy cold exasperated by the Balmain Ales from the previous night's post race get together. That's just the way it is and so the recovery process begins. A few easy days to repair the legs and lose the cold then back into it in preparation for the Sydney 10.

Mon April 11th: Easy 7km jog. Felt pretty crap to be honest
Tue 12th: Easy 10km on grass. Legs just heavy but surprisingly no hot spots. Didn't race hard enough obviously.
Wed 13th: Another easy 10km still feeling heavy.

Announced during the week was the venue for this year's 100km World Champs. I competed in 2014 in Doha Qatar and enjoyed the trip immensely. Doha was again chosen last year and I decided not to try and qualify. As Ultra runners, we are asked to pay our own way to these overseas events and it adds up pretty quickly. Time off work is also a key factor. I have a fulltime finance job so to use a week of this is a big ask on the family. I didn't really wish to return to Doha a second time even if I did manage to get selected.

But they have announced Loa Alcarez near Alicante on the south coast of Spain as this year's 100km venue. Very appealing but still the same money involved and the same time off. I also need to post a sub 7:20 between now and the end of June (Centennial Park Ultra is not going to be included) so it's the Aussie champs on June 11th at the Gold Coast to do it. After 6ft track I swore off anything long for a few months but it might be interesting to see what I could possibly run. Just means the Gold Coast half a few weeks later would be a non event. Hmmm decisions decisions. I could always start it and make my mind up along the way based on how I was tracking.

Thur 14th April: Met up with Glen Guzzo at Barangaroo for some 1km efforts. If you don't know, Guzz currently holds the Striders marathon record of 2:17 set in Hong Kong around 8yrs ago. Solid run on that course. 30:30 over Lane Cove 10km and a few other performances like that made him a local legend. He trots around casually these days but was still good for a couple of 3:20's today. I did 5 x 1km in 3:08/08/06/08/07 off 5min cycles but this nailed me and I think the 5th rep was the tipper. Pulled up fatigued and sore all night and into Friday and the weekend.

Fri 15th: Just a token 5km coogee coastline trot. Day off really.
Sat 16th: Took the Rejoov Runners session in Centennial Park and today we did 2km Fartlek loops up to 5 laps. I managed 4laps/8km in just over 3:30 average pace which wasn't too bad. A great turn up from the guys with Carl "George Clooney" Lee the only one to make it around all 5 laps. Well done George. 12km total
Sun 17th: Steady 20km run in the park with Eloise & Jeet mainly. The pace was increasing gradually throughout but with just 20km to run, I was comfortable enough. Average overall 4:13 per km. The last 8-10km around 3:50-4min per km.

77km for the week.  Time to bump it up again.

Plenty of Hurts and Rejoov Runners out in force as the sleek Black Rejoov singlets continue to grow in numbers throughout the Eastern Suburbs. We've even just ordered a banner so look out for this at the Sydney 10km start/finish compound.

Beer/s of the week go to:

1) Seabass Lager from the Phoenix Hotel Woollahra where we celebrated Johnny Mac's 30th on Friday night. Some tasty Greek tapas / meals and ales made for a fun night amongst new friends. Time to start increasing your mileage now hey Johnny??

 Sea bass Lager 8/10.

2) Stone & Wood Garden Ale pictured below in the Garden of our mates Char and Stu Cassie.

Apparently it says it's the perfect sessionable brew, best enjoyed in your favourite beer garden. Tasted pretty damn nice to me - 9/10.

You're probably wondering what it will take for me to score a beer 10/10. Not exactly sure. Timmy or Enda to shout it perhaps?? I guess I'll just know at the time.

Have a great week and safe Anzac Day long weekend. Good luck in the two up!


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