Monday, 21 March 2016


It's been over a week now since 6ft track and I am still of the firm stance that I won't be competing in this event again. Sure I've used the word 'competing' as opposed to participating but in reality it really knocked me for six. There's no desire to train on those types of hills. They're just not enjoyable for me at that level (constant, unrelenting & steep). I don't mind the false flats, but the steep ones nail me.

So not much to report this week. Motivation has been quite low. I was hoping for a 6ft time of mid 3:30's and to run it reasonably strongly so to fade like that and pull up lame has been disappointing.

A lot of nothing with a bit of fluffing around until the weekend when I could run again and even managed a partial session.

Mon 14th Mar: No run
Tue 15th Mar: No run
Wed 16th Mar: 7km with Jeff and the Cavoodle in a torrential downpour.
Thur 17th Mar: 9km easy in the park - around 5min kms
Fri 18th Mar: 5km along the coast
Sat 19th Mar: 2 x white fences at 3:40's and 3:30's pace. Much better. Total 13km
Sun 20th Mar: Run with the Hurts and Rejoov runners group. Just 14km

Best part of a long run.

I have decided to downgrade from the full marathon to the half in Canberra. It was quite ambitious to expect to pull up 4weeks later and run well. I may be feeling great by then but it'll come back to bite later in the marathon so instead I'll launch another Melb campaign, clear the decks of any races that don't fit with the prep and see what I can do there.

Post long run yesterday involved a big setup in the park for Jaden's 4th birthday party, followed by a whole swag of rain showers blowing across, packing up and diverting to our house where mayhem ensued - 40 kids, parents we were meeting for the first time (from pre school), and a lot of others. I've pulled up even worse than 6ft but the kids had a ball.

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  1. Sad to hear about the downgrade to the half at Canberra :(
    Also - no beer review this week?