Wednesday, 2 March 2016


What does Corona, white wine, Vodka Lime & Soda and Canadian Club all have in common?

They all feel exactly the same the next morning. Worse when you have had them all for three nights running. This was my last weekend as I snuck out the heads on the P&O Pacific Jewel with a couple of mates.

The 3 night comedy cruise was a non stop trip to nowhere really. Out and about, down the coast a bit, U-turn, back. No fuss cause we didn't care. Sunny by day, active by night, well worth doing for a fun getaway. If Tim and Enda were onboard, my absolutely misguided reputation for leaving early for bed would have itself been put to bed or thrown overboard. 3:15am / 1:30am / 1:30am thank you!

As you can see, doing it tough. But there was a gym on board so my running streak continues.

Mon 22nd Feb: AM: 10km easy with Jeff and the Cavoodle
                          PM: 10km at 4:20's. Legs a bit stiff still from the weekend's 25km tempo

Tue 23rd Feb:  6 x Gate to Gate efforts with Barts off 2min recovery. These felt good despite the heat as we averaged between 2:50-2:55 for the approx. 930-950m effort for the first 5 and finished with a 2:45. Good to get some raw speed happening. Total with w/up and c/down: 16km

Wed 24th Feb: 14km easy at 4:30's

Thur: 25th Feb: 27km longish run but it was slower than normal. approx. 2:20

Fri 26th Feb: Easy 10km cruise along the beaches followed by a swim
PM: Boarded the ship

This Pacific Jewel was quite nice. Plenty of bars, restaurants, chill areas and a large room for the 3 of us travelling - with balcony. And the gym also looked out over the ocean. The treadmill was interesting as it was made harder with the ship's sway. Up hill, downhill, up hill down hill for 30mins.

Sat 27th Feb: 8km treadmill run sweating it all out at 16-17kph

Sun 28th Feb: 8km treadmill run as per above. I got a treadmill that would only increase in speed and not decrease so I was left on 17kph for the last mins before hitting the emergency stop button.

103km total for the week which is not to bad considering the weekend was mostly a write off.

Mon 29th Feb: Slow 10km very unsteady run around the park. Sea legs a bit wobbly after the constant 3 days of gentle swaying.

Days running non stop for 2016 = 60. Still waiting to collect off Tom.

Striders 10km this weekend. Could be tough with last weekend's setback and then 6ft track the following weekend.

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