Friday, 5 February 2016


This week is not exactly a taper week but it is a slightly easier one after my park run / 40km combo last weekend.

Mon: 1st Feb - Easy 10km recovery jog around Centennial Park (listening to the soleful sounds of Deano and Reidy). 4:30 pace

Tue: 2nd Feb - Met Barts for a different session. 3 x 4km marathon pace tempo with 4mins jog between. The idea (straight from Neil Pearson's regime) is that we will try and add a 4km effort every 1-2 weeks until we are running at least 6 x 4km at 3:30 pace. Total 18km

Today, we managed to run these consistently the whole way out and back but my legs just succumbed over the last 1km up the hill in the final 4km. The 40km long run came calling and I practically collapsed over the line. Not sure about 42kms at that pace (it is faster than 2:30hr though). My realistic expectation for Canberra is hopefully somewhere under 2:35hr for the marathon.

Wed: 3rd Feb - Steady 10km recovery run. These really need to increase but my legs lately just need the recovery.

Thur: 4th Feb - 12km including a few 600m hills. Most of the 12kms run at easy pace (4:40 - 4:50)

Fri: 5th Feb - Minimum 30mins (7km) run. Hopefully Tom's taking the day off??

SUN RUN tomorrow. Barts, Tom, Quentin and myself open up the account for 2016 by squaring off over this slightly tougher 10km which starts with an uphill first km. Based purely on the snippets I have seen, read and heard from the others, I might be doing it tough to get any scalps here but I also thought that at last year's City To Surf before knocking off Quentin and Tom (it counts if you pull out mate).

Barts ran mid 32's last year and although he may not be in quite the same shape, he's not far off so expect a strong showing. As we should with Tom who has been training harder and longer than ever. I'm hoping the training fatigue might slow him from matching it with Barts. Quentin is the dark horse as always. Rarely seen lately but we did run a stair session 2 weeks ago and he is certainly look lean and fit. Being the youngest automatically rules him right into contention. Predictions on an unseen but vaguely familiar sounding course as follows:

Barts: 32:48
Quentin: 32:54
Tom: 33:05

You'll just have to read Sunday's post!

Goodluck to all our Rejoov Runners competing tomorrow both in the Sun Run and the Striders 10km. Goodluck to my guys and girls in both events also. See you bright and early at Dee why (hopefully under some sunshine).

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