Thursday, 7 January 2016

Streakers Never Prosper

I must confess, I'm a streaker.

Yep that's right - I have been for quite a while now. In fact I've been streaking for years. I don't know how it started, what prompted my streaking ways or whether to seek help for this condition but it wasn't until the first 3 days of this very week it hit me - "what am I doing streaking like this in the rain?"

It was that damn bet I made with Tom. A lousy fifty bucks - so lousy I had to type it out in full.

Not so fresh off my victory two years ago when Tom pulled the pin in early Feb, I decided to text him on New Year's Day and offer him another shot. A calendar streak of running every day for a minimum of 30mins (7km essentially) until we either both get to Dec 31st or someone pulls out first and loses.

I'm sure you were all with me with the whole streaking bit at the start right?

Anyway I do have the street cred. Two full previous years completed through to 513 and 514 days straight (yep the 2nd time I beat my PB by 1 day and stopped). 30 city to surfs, God knows how many Gold Coast halves and the list goes on.

Whereas from what I see, Tom has no pedigree, no experience, 5 kids, a part time job as a lawyer or something, and a full time job as a long luncher.

BUT boy was Mon - Wed this week our first real test. One it seems Tom scored first points with.
I just managed to stay alive:

Mon: 7km (31mins)
Tue: 7km (30mins)
Wed: 6 x 500m efforts (Cent Park kiddie cycle track) 87secs / 87 / 87 / 87 / 86 / 86secs off 3min cycles. The plan was to try and get some rhythm & leg speed happening and to do this I needed more recovery. Happy with the outcome. But still only 8km total in the pouring rain
Thur: 10km coaching a client first thing at 5min kms - again in the rain.

So not overly inspiring but I have been training fairly hard lately including weekly 35-38km long runs. This rest week comes at a nice time as we head to Thredbo for a long weekend and some run training / racing. Sunday hosts my old 6km road race from Thredbo running weeks of yesteryear. I attended this week for 10years straight (the streaking again) from 1993. The 10th year was when I met Greta and we have only been back once or twice since.

Time goal for the 2 x 3km Thredbo village reasonably flat loops - 19:30 - 19:40.

On another note, I have received feedback that I should be posting more regularly than twice a week to keep pace with the others. The age old saying of quality over quantity will have to suffice.

Now back to reading Satler* and Waldorf's* banter on Facebook
(*Enda and *Tim)


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  1. Try a streak of two days in a row writing the blog.